Members of the Development Policy Committee 2020-2023


Green League
Inka Hopsu, MP

Substitute: Atte Harjanne, MP

Members and substitutes

Social Democratic Party
Member: Kimmo Kiljunen, MP
Substitute: Anni Lahtinen, Secretary General

Centre Party of Finland
Member: Hilkka Kemppi, MP
Substitute: Vice Chair of Finnish Centre Youth

Left Alliance
Member: Merja Kyllönen, MP
Substitute: Antero Eerola, Chair of the Left Alliance in Uusimaa,

Swedish People’s Party
Member: Eva Biaudet, MP
Substitute: Anders Adlercreutz, MP

The Finns Party
Member: Sanna Antikainen, MP
Substitute: Nuutti Hyttinen, Expert in Social and Health Policy

National Coalition Party
Member: Anne-Mari Virolainen, MP
Substitute: Ville Kaunisto, MP

Christian Democrats
Member: Antero Laukkanen, MP
Substitute: Sari Tanus, MP

Movement Now
Member: Harry Harkimo, MP
Substitute: Karoliina Kähönen, Secretary General

Fingo (Finnish Development NGOs)
Member: Rilli Lappalainen, Director
Substitute: Niina Tenhio, Expert

Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
Member: Ari-Pekka Jämsen, Adviser
Substitute: Tuuli Mäkelä, Adviser

Federation of Finnish Enterprises (FFE)
Member: Thomas Palmgren, Manager of International Relations
Substitute: Aicha Manai, Network Manager

Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Member: Juha Ruippo, Director
Substitute: Leena Suojala, Expert

Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (AKAVA), Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, and Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK
Member: Pia Björkbacka, Adviser for International Affairs at SAK
Substitute: Juska Kivioja, Organization Manager at STTK

UniPID (University Partnership Network for International Development)
Member: Elias Pekkola, University Lecturer
Substitute: Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, Adjunct Professor

In line with the strategic priorities set for the government term:

Strengthening the position and rights of women and girls
Member: Elina Korhonen, Director of International Affairs, Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) (2020–2021), Tuomas Tuure, Advocacy Coordinator, Disability Partnership Finland (Vammaiskumppanuus) (2022–2023)
Substitute: Marjo Heinonen, Executive Director, Abilis Foundation (2020–2021), Karoliina Tikka Head of Advocacy, Plan International Suomi (2022–2023)

Sustainable economic growth and employment
Member: Helena Arlander, Deputy CEO, Finnfund (2020–2021), Christopher Palmgren, Program Manager, Head of BEAM Program, Business Finland (2022–2023)
Substitute: Pasi Rajala, Communications Director, Finnfund (2020–2021), Virpi Mikkonen, Senior Director, Business Finland (2022–2023)

Education, democracy and well-functioning societies
Member: Anu Juvonen, Executive Director, Demo Finland (2020–2021), Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director, Finn Church Aid (2022–2023)
Substitute: Jussi Kanner, Democracy Support and Dialogue Adviser, Demo Finland (2020–2021), Katri Suomi, Head of Advocacy, Finn Church Aid (2022–2023)

Climate change and natural resources
Member: Jari Luukkonen, Conservation Director, WWF Finland (2020–2021), Jouni Nissinen, Head of the Environmental Policy Unit, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (2022–2023)
Substitute: Anne Tarvainen, Head of Programme, WWF Finland (2020–2021), Hanna Aho, Conservation Expert, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (2022–2023)

Multilateral cooperation:
Member: Helena Laukko, Executive Director, UN Association (2020–2021), Jaana Hirsikangas, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (2022–2023)
Substitute: Jaana Hirsikangas, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (2020–2021), Helena Laukko, Executive Director, UN Association (2022–2023)

Humanitarian assistance
Member: Maria Suoheimo, Head of International Programmes, Red Cross Finland
Substitute: Anne Haverinen, Head of Programme, Fida International, Miikka Niskanen, Head of Humanitarian Aid and Grants, World Vision Finland