Members of the Development Policy Committee 2016-2019


Centre Party of Finland
Aila Paloniemi, MP
Substitute: Anniina Ruottu, Ph.D., M.Soc.Sc


Left Alliance
Hanna Sarkkinen, MP
Substitute: 3rd Vice-Chair Kalle Hyötynen

National Coalition Party
Saara-Sofia Sirén, MP
Substitute: Daniel Lahti, Chair of the Student Union of the National Coalition Party Tuhatkunta


Swedish People’s Party
 Anders Adlercreutz, MP
Substitute: Ida Schauman, Chair of the youth members of the Swedish People’s Party

Social Democratic Party
Maarit Feldt-Ranta, MP
Substitute: Sirpa Paatero, MP

Green League
Jani Toivola, MP
Substitute: Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, MP

Christian Democrats
Antero Laukkanen, MP
Substitute: Tomi Kuosmanen, Senior Officer

The Finns Party
Mika Niikko, MP
Substitute: Aleksi Niskanen, Assistant to MP

Blue Reform Parliamentary Group
Kari Kulmala, MP
Substitute: Maija Karjalainen, Secretary of International Affairs

KEPA, Finnish NGO platform
Timo Lappalainen, Director
Substitute: Anna-Stiina Lundqvist, Expert in development financing

The Finnish NGDO Platform to the EU Kehys
Rilli Lappalainen, Secretary General
Substitute: Jussi Kanner, Advocacy Officer

Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
Tuuli Mäkelä, Adviser

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (FFE)
Timo Palander, Development Director
Substitute: Thomas Palmgren, Manager of International Relations

The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (AKAVA), the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, and the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK
Pia Björkbacka, Adviser for International Affairs at SAK
Substitute: Leila Kurki, Senior Adviser at STTK

Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Juha Ruippo, Director
Substitute: Leena Suojala, Expert

UNIPID (University Partnership Network for International Development)
Jussi Pakkasvirta, Professor
Substitute: Katarina Frostell, Project Manager

Foreign Ministry’s partnership organisations 
Julia Ojanen, Programme Director at Plan Finland
Substitute: Miikka Niskanen, Director of Humanitarian Aid, World Vision Finland

Women and girls priority area (UNWOMEN, UN Association, Family Federation of Finland, Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi)
Elina Multanen, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (2016 -2017) and
Elina Korhonen, Expert, Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) (2018 – 2019)
Substitute: Helena Laukko, Executive Director, UN Association

Expert Members of the Development Policy Committee 2001 – 2015

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications: Head of Unit, Mr. Harri Pietarila, Finnish Meteorological Institute, (Antti-Pekka Hyvärinen)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Ministerial Adviser, Ms. Marjukka Mähönen, (Markus Schulman)
  • Ministry of Justice: Director, Ms. Johanna Suurpää, (Niklas Wilhemsson)
  • Ministry of Education: Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Ms. Zabrina Holmström
  • Ministry of Defence: Ministeria Adviser, Ms. Tiina Raijas, (Charlotta Collén)
  • Ministry of the Interior: Senior Specialist, Ms. Ulriikka Johansson, (Vesa Kotilainen)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Ministerial Adviser, Ms. MeSatu Leino, (Tuomas Leppo)
  • Ministry of Labour: Ministerial Adviser, Ms. Leena Pentikäinen, (Sonja Hämäläinen)
  • Ministry of Finance: Financial Counsellor, Ms. Anne af Ursin, (Eeli Jakkola)
  • Ministry of the Environment: Head of Unit, Ms. Tita Korvenoja, (Marjaana Kokkonen)
  • Prime Minister’s Office: Head of Unit, Ms. Taina Kulmala, (Lauratuulia Lehtinen)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

  • Development Co-operation and Development Policy: Under-Secretary of State, Ms. Elina Kalkku
  • Department for Development Policy: Deputy Director General, Ms. Riitta Oksanen
  • Political Department: Deputy Director General, Mr. Timo Kantola
  • Department for the Americas and Asia: Deputy Director General, Mr. Pekka Kaihilahti
  • Department for Europe: Deputy Director General, Mr. Juha Ottman
  • Department for Africa and the Middle East: Deputy Director General, Mr. Juha Savolainen
  • Development Evaluation: Director for Evaluation of Development Cooperation, Ms. Anu Saxén
  • Department for Communication and Culture: Director, Ms. Erja-Outi Heino
  • Department for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Mr. Juhani Toivonen
  • Department for External Economic Relations: Director, Mr. Pasi-Heikki Vaaranmaa
  • Department for Development Policy: Director, Ms. Katja Ahlfors

Other expert members:

  • International Chamber of Commerce ICC Finland: Secretary General, Mr. Timo Vuori
  • National Commission on Sustainable Development: Secretary General Annika Lindblom, (Marja Innanen)
  • Peace Union of Finland: Board Member, Mr. Kalle Sysikaski, (Maria Mekri)
  • SASK: Executive Director, Mr. Janne Ronkainen, (Juha Vauhkonen)
  • Red Cross Finland: Secretary General, Kristiina Kumpula, (Maria Suoheimo)
  • Bank of Finland: Senior Economist, Ms. Kristiina Karjanlahti, (Henna Karhapää)