Development Policy Committee

Appointed by the Government for its four-year term of office, the Development Policy Committee is the only body monitoring and evaluating Finnish development cooperation and policy on a systematic and broad basis. Its members include representatives of parliamentary parties, advocacy organisations, NGOs and universities in the UniPID network.

What is development policy?

The purpose of development policy is to reduce poverty and inequality in accordance with the international agreements and commitments adopted by Finland. Development policy is founded on the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and its goals. Finland’s goals are specified in development policy programmes revised for each government term.

Development policy is part of the external relations of Finland and the EU. Its goals are furthered through various forms of development cooperation and development aid in partner countries and internationally. Development policy also plays an important role in reinforcing policy coherence for development in other policy areas and in introducing sustainable development perspective in Finland’s foreign and security policy as well as external economic relations.