Finland’s climate financing needs a clear direction analysis by the Finnish Development Policy Committee


This analysis by the Development Policy Committee (DPC) examines international climate finance from the perspective of development policy and aims to encourage discussion and decision-making related to the subject in Finland. Our approach is based on promoting Finland’s global responsibility and climate justice as part of the implementation of the UN Agenda2030 for Sustainable Development. The need to increase climate finance is enshrined both in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, since the current sums are insufficient to meet the international targets. In addition, funding is often channelled to purposes other than providing support for the most vulnerable. By increasing climate finance, we can take concrete steps to promote both mitigation and adaptation measures and the role of Finnish actors in international climate work. It is essential to dismantle the silos that have formed around climate finance actors and to promote Finnish climate action that generates added value throughout the value chain.

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Read the whole report: DPC_Finlands_Climate_financing_web (pdf)

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