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Development Policy Committee: Finland should distinguish itself in food security diplomacy

Finland must influence and assume more responsibility for reinforcing global food security […]

Development Policy Committee: Preparation of corporate social responsibility legislation should be faster and more ambitious

Press release, 7.10.2020 : The Development Policy Committee calls for a faster preparation […]

Coronavirus threatens to erode Africa´s development efforts

The Development Policy Committee estimates that coronavirus affects the most vulnerable people […]

Government issued a Decree on the Development Policy Committee

  Finnish government issued a Decree in November 2019 on the Development […]

Development Policy Committee appointed 2020-2023

New Development Policy Committee (DPC) has been appointed for this government term. […]

Statement by the DPC: Development cooperation requires a funding model extending beyond the current government term

The Government’s budget proposal for next year would add EUR 32.4 million […]

Assessment report 2018 by the Development Policy Committee

Assessment report by the Development Policy Committee: Development policy focusing on equality […]

Development Policy Committee calls for transparency in the allocation and use of financial investments

The nature of Finland’s development cooperation financing has undergone a drastic change […]

Development Policy Committee: Finland responds quickly in support of women

  7 February 2017 The presiding officers of the Development Policy Committee […]

Statement by the Development Policy Committee: Adequate resources needed for both pre-emptive development cooperation and humanitarian aid

The acute refugee crisis is diverting attention from long-term development cooperation to […]

The Development Policy Committee’s guidelines on the role of the private sector in Finnish development policy

  Sustainable development emphasises the role of the private sector. The private […]

Development policy needs a permanent base and clear objectives

14 April 2015 A development policy programme that changes with each Government’s […]

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