Annual report 2019


Global responsibility transcending  government terms of office and administrative boundaries

The solution to global challenges, such as climate change as well as poverty and inequality and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, calls for a more determined approach by Finland’s development policy and development cooperation.  In this annual report, the Development Policy Committee (DPC) reviews the options for a more enduring and effective policy basis.

Based on our analysis, we propose a global responsibility model that would embrace the key elements of development policy – such as goals and priority areas plus the funding level and core principles – running from one government term of office to another. This would improve the continuity and outcomes of the work compared to stand-alone programmes running for a single government term, which have led to vacillation and a scattering of limited resources. The global responsibility model would also hone the role of development policy in the national execution of sustainable development and augment Finland’s international efficacy. It would also encourage cross-sectoral cooperation across administrative and operational boundaries.

In the view of the DPC, it is important that the long-term basis of development policy and its strategic updating are drawn up as openly as possible and dealt with in parliament. Moreover, the global responsibility model would need to include a clear plan for increasing the development cooperation budget to the level recommended by the UN. We think that 0,7 per cent of GNI must be achieved at latest within the next two government terms. A minimum of 0,2 per cent of GNI should be designated for the least developed countries. The Development Policy Committee suggests that during the period of the next government, the nexus  between development cooperation, humanitarian aid, and peace building be strengthened as part of an approach transcending government terms of office.

Further information:

Aila Paloniemi, Chairperson, Finnish Development Policy Committee, ph. 050 511 3067
Marikki Stocchetti, Secretary General, Finnish Development Policy Committee, ph. 050 535 8649

Finland’s development Policy in 2019 (PDF)

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