Sustainable Development Financing in Crisis – Finnish SDG-aligned investments in developing countries


Most current investments in developing countries are covered by national
sources. Some of these investments are consistent with the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), but it is widely recognized that developing
countries will not attain the SDGs by the 2030 deadline without appreciable external
funding. Of the current external financing, donor countries’ ODA represents only
a small part. Most external funding comes from private sources. Some domestic and
foreign investments in developing countries are counterproductive or corrosive to the
SDGs, although with better design some of them could further the SDGs. Mobilizing,
targeting and monitoring significant additional foreign investment aligned with the
2030 Agenda requires commitment and collaboration between the public sector, business
and civil society in developed and developing countries.
Businesses and investors have also shown increasing interest in SDG-related activities,
including in Finland. For instance, a number of investors operating in Finland have
started to make use of the SDG framework and present investments aligned to the

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